Gov’t Ensures Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali Remains GCSE and A-level Subject

The Government announced July 22nd that community languages such as Gujarati, Punjabi and Bengali will continue to be taught as GCSE and A-level subjects until September 2018.

Exam boards have in the past warned that some modern languages taught in British schools may have to be discontinued. The Government will work with exam boards and Ofqual to ensure that students are offered as many language options as possible.

School Reform Minister Nick Gibb said:

“In an outward-facing country such as Britain, it is important that we have high-quality qualifications not just in French, German and Spanish but also in languages such as Polish, Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati and Turkish.”

Yajur Shah, president of National Hindu Students’ Forum, said:

“I, alongside hundreds of thousands of Hindus welcome OCR’s (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations) decision to extend the date of final examination on many foreign languages, including Hindi, Gujarati and Punjabi. At National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK), we believe that in a world where interacting with India culturally and in business is crucial, British youth must be given a formal setting to learn Indian languages. In pushing for this change, this is clearly a sentiment shared by the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan MP and I must credit her for openly driving this campaign. OCR has now asked for support from the government to give these qualifications a permanent status and I certainly hope the government plans on providing that support. OCR will certainly have the support of the Hindu community.”

Read the full story here.



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