Independence Day Message from Stephen Greenhalgh

Stephen Greenhalgh is the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime. He is one of four hopefuls in the race to become The Conservative Party’s candidate in the 2016 London Mayoral Election. Mr Greenhalgh is running against Andrew Boff, Zac Goldsmith, and Syed Kamall.

Today Stephen Greenhalgh said:

I attended the 60th anniversary of Indian independence at the Bhavan in West Kensington shortly after I became the first majority Conservative Hammersmith & Fulham Council Leader. The Bhavan centre is the largest cultural centre outside India and is located close to where Mahatma Ghandi lived when he was a student in London. Indian independence from British rule is celebrated annually on August 15th – this coming Saturday. A lot has changed for the better since August 15th 1947. British Indians make an enormous contribution to our capital city – socially, culturally and economically.

How times have changed since 1947. India is now a net inward investor into the UK economy. The Tata Group own Rolls Royce and Land Rover and Lakshmi Mittal is a co-owner of QPR as a sideline. I would do all I can to build on my boss’s legacy to strengthen our ties with India. Together India and Britain are stronger and the same goes for our capital cities. The first trips I will make as Mayor will be to Delhi.


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