Community Reception at Wembley Stadium (Photos)

(This post was updated continously over the course of Friday Nov 13.)

It’s over! Watch the closing fireworks here!


The two leaders.

IMG-20151113-WA0189 IMG-20151113-WA0190


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the 60,000 gathered at Wembley Stadium.


The National Anthem of Great Britain.


Prime Minister Modi will soon begin his speech.

IMG-20151113-WA0131 IMG-20151113-WA0132 IMG-20151113-WA0142


Jay Sean takes the stage as darkness falls around Wembley Stadium.

WP_20151113_16_17_54_Pro WP_20151113_16_18_02_Pro


The sun is setting on the stadium. Electric atmosphere.



The Community Reception at Wembley Stadium has started. The stadium is still filling up. 

WP_20151113_14_21_17_Pro WP_20151113_14_21_47_Pro WP_20151113_14_23_41_Pro WP_20151113_14_23_45_Pro


Sunny Wembley.



The stadium has begun filling up.



Wembley Stadium starts filling up.



Wembley at noon.

IMG-20151113-WA0073 WP_20151113_11_04_52_Pro


Backstage photos from #ModiAtWembley.




#ModiAtWembley theme songs from UKWelcomesModi.

Hello, Namaste!

Old ties, new beginnings – ‘Shruwaat’

Wembley Stadium this morning.

This day looks to be a wonderful celebration of UK-India relations.


WP_20151113_07_48_34_Pro WP_20151113_07_48_42_Pro WP_20151113_08_01_32_Pro


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