100 Days To Win Four More Years: #BackZac2016

The choice for City Hall is clear.


Zac Goldsmith, on the one hand, is a Londoner who knows what Londoners want. They want jobs that pay well; they want homes that they can afford; they want a city that is easy and safe to travel around; and they want safer and greener streets.

Sadiq Khan, on the other hand, is a Labour politician who knows what his leader, Jeremy Corbyn, wants. Sadiq Khan, like Jeremy Corbyn, wants yesterday’s solutions to today’s issues.


  • Back Zac Goldsmith for a Mayor with a proven record of holding government to account.
  • Back Zac for a Mayor whose first priority is to tackle London’s housing situation.
  • Back Zac for a Mayor who stands for the people he represents, and no one else.

Back Zac for a Mayor who is capable of continuing Boris Johnson’s strong legacy. Let’s not allow Labour’s Sadiq Khan to turn London into a socialist economic experiment.

We’ve got 100 days to win four more years.


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