Nikesh Pandit: Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh UK’s Golden Jubilee

Nikesh Pandit is a lawyer and member of Conservative Friends of India

It was a wonderful pleasure to attend Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh UK’s Golden Jubilee celebrations on 30 July on behalf of Conservative Friends of India. To mark this special occasion HSS UK organised a 3-day gathering (MahaShibir) of approximately 2000 Hindus from all over the UK and across the globe. The MahaShibir took place on the superbly serene Hertfordshire County Showground, which provided a wonderful spot to celebrate HSS UK’s immense community service over the last 50 years.

Since its founding in 1966, HSS UK has been driven by the principles of Sanskar (life values), Sewa (selfless service) and Sangathan (community spirit). These guiding principles have inspired HSS UK’s members to start countless community service projects across a whole range of areas, including elderly care, language classes, homeless relief and natural disaster collections. At the MahaShibir it was a privilege to talk to HSS members about their incredible contribution to British society. Like other volunteers across the country, many of HSS UK’s members balance their community service alongside running small businesses, caring for elderly family members and young children, and striving for self-betterment through further education. This spirit is truly commendable and reflects the best of Hindu and British values.

The MahaShibir was also an occasion to think about the years to come. During my conversations with HSS UKS’s leaders and members, it became clear that female empowerment and equal opportunity will remain key priorities for the future. HSS UK is deeply involved in these areas through its support of bodies such as Hindu Sevika Samiti, which encourages female leadership and a more balanced approach to all segments of society. Conservative Friends of India wishes HSS UK every success in its efforts and looks forward to working with HSS UK to build on the remarkable accomplishments of the previous 50 years.


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