Back Zac For a Clear but Narrow Victory – by Jeevan Vipinachandran


Politics is driven by underlying patterns which ultimately determine the outcome of a contest. Some of those patterns appear to be at play yet again in this year’s riveting Mayoral contest between Zac Goldsmith and Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate, Sadiq Khan… [Read More]

There’s a hole in Sadiq Khan’s plan and it’s £1.9 billion big


“There’s a hole in Sadiq Khan’s plan for London,” said Zac Goldsmith at a Town Hall Q & A session in Harrow last night, “and it’s £1.9 billion big.” [Read More]

London: Why I’m a Conservative – by Alpesh B. Patel


I believe less Government is good, because less government means fewer regulations and fewer regulations means greater freedoms. I want as Mayor the person whose first instinct is the same. Politicians may not always be able to deliver, but I want their instincts and their values to accord with mine… [Read More]

On the Road for a Better London: #BackZac2016 (Tweets/Videos)


[Read More]

100 Days To Win Four More Years: #BackZac2016


Zac Goldsmith, on the one hand, is a Londoner who knows what Londoners want. They want jobs that pay well; they want… [Read more]

#BackZac2016 – Join the campaign, spread the message


Boris Johnson has been Mayor of London for nearly eight years now. He won’t be for long, though. In 104 days, Londoners will decide who to take over when he leaves his post. [Read more]

Zac Goldsmith: The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement is good news for London (Video)


Zac Goldsmith comments on the Chancellors Autumn Statement [Watch video]

Zac Goldsmith: I’m going to need help from every CF India member to win…


Zac Goldsmith: I want to thank CF India, it’s a magnificent organization. I think you can genuinely take credit for a number of MPs in Parliament today, for Conservative MPs who owe their success to you. [Read More]

Zac Goldsmith Wins Conservatives Mayoral Nomination


It was announced today that Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond, will represent the Conservative Party in the London Mayoral Election of 2016. [Read More]

Register to Vote! The Conservative Party’s London Mayoral Candidate Selection


If you haven’t yet, then don’t forget to register to vote in The Conservative Party’s London Mayoral Candidate Selection.

To register, click the link below. It’s quick and easy. [Read More]

Syed Kamall MEP: India holds a special place in my heart


Syed Kamall MEP is one of four hopefuls in the race to become the Conservative Party’s candidate in the London Mayoral Election in 2016. In this video, Mr Kamall talks about the important contributions the Indian community have made to London, and why he believes that Indians will continue to do… [Read More]

Zac Goldsmith: We need to celebrate the great contribution the Indian community has made to London


I’m proud that Britain is home to the largest group of Indians outside of India, with 1.5 million British Indians, the majority of whom live in the greatest city in the world, London… [Read More]

Independence Day Message from Stephen Greenhalgh


I attended the 60th anniversary of Indian independence at the Bhavan in West Kensington shortly after I became the first majority Conservative Hammersmith & Fulham Council Leader. The Bhavan centre is the largest cultural centre… [Read More]

Conservative London Mayoral Selection


‘The Conservative Party will be holding an online primary to select its candidate for the 2016 London Mayoral Election. Anyone in London who is on the electoral roll will be able to register to vote to help the party choose who will stand for the Conservatives in the election next year.[Read More]

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