UK Welcomes Modi

In November 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the UK. An ‘Olympics-style’ community reception was held at Wembley Stadium on Friday, November 13th. The reception was the largest ever bestowed on a visiting foreign head of state or Prime Minister in the UK, and the biggest any Indian Prime Minister has ever received.

Ranjit Singh Baxi, President of the World Punjabi Organisation and Chairman of CF India, said in advance of the PM’s visit:

“Prime Minister Modi’s forthcoming visit to the UK will be celebrated as the beginning of a new phase in the strengthening of the Indo-British partnership and the enhancing of bilateral investments. The World Punjabi Organisation and all Indians across UK are looking forward to welcoming Shri Narendra Modi. Working together under his dynamic leadership we will make India a global manufacturing hub – Make in India.”

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